Volunteer Opportunities

Sugarloafers Are Volunteers – click on the link to see what interests may move you to volunteer in service to our mountain community.

Sugarloaf Area Christian Ministry in partnerships with Sugarloaf Mountain, the Carrabassett Valley Public Library and Community Center, the Carrabassett Valley Academy, the United Methodist Economic Ministry, the Town of Carrabassett Valley and many local and seasonal Sugarloafers give back to the local community time, money and volunteer service to help meet the needs of valley residents and mountain employees.

The many volunteers from our congregation and community dedicate over 800 hours of service each year. Without their help, the programs and services offered through the ministry would not be possible. Thank You!

Anyone with an interest to serve in any of the below listed current volunteer opportunities is encouraged to contact the ministry at 207-237-2304 or email at loafministry@yahoo.com for further information. Click on the Sugarloafers Are Volunteers link above to view and sign up for a variety of opportunities of interest.

Ongoing voluntary services supported by the ministry:

Toys for Christmas Shoppe (Angel Tree spin-off) – As you make decisions about what items to purchase for the Christmas Shoppe at the United Methodist Economic Ministry in Salem, keep this in mind. Their goal is that each child receives 3 small stocking stuffers, 2 medium gifts ($5-$10) land 1 large gift. They always need more gifts for boys age 12 and up. Drop off your gifts at the Bell Chapel in Parking Lot C, or ship direct to Sugarloaf Christian Ministry 5085 Access Road, Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947. We’ll deliver to UMEM in time for Christmas.

Bible Adventure Days after the close of school each year in June offers children in grades K-5 and teens in grades 6-12 three days of christian adventure. Volunteers are key to the success of this faith based program.

Downhill Worship Service on the slopes is presented each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. from Christmas to Easter, combining skiing and worship. All abilities, lift pass provided.

Food Drives to support the United Methodist Economic Ministry in Salem and the Stratton Food Pantry provide food and meals to over 150 families in our mountain region have been ongoing for years. The Tin Mountain Round-Up at Sugarloaf was one of the first organized food collections at a ski mountain. After more than 30 years, the tradition continues each November. For the weekend of November 27-28, 2021, Sugarloaf will donate $3.00 from every lift ticket sold (with a guaranteed $1,000 min) to the local food pantries. In addition, D’Ellies will be hosting a drop-off box for donated non-perishable food items, including pet foods, as well as cash/check donations from November 26th through December 5th. Checks should be made out to Sugarloaf Christian Ministry and given to D”Ellies staff for safekeeping.

Carrabassett Valley Academy athletes also go door-to-door in December collecting food items to support the local food banks. Contact Rev. Pam Morse at pam@sugarloafministry.com to volunteer for either events.

The Western Maine Center for Children provides valley seniors opportunities to volunteer with children’s services at Sugarloaf by sharing expertise, readings at story time, helping with an art project or garden project, or help with lunch preparation. Scheduling should be arranged through Tracy Butler at westernaminekids@gmail.com. Any questions or interests in participating, please call Marcia D. White, Director of Children’s Services at Sugarloaf, 207-237-6909.

Good Morning Calls is a community outreach program organized by the Ministry in collaboration with the Valley Seniors making daily calls to Carrabassett Valley area residents who due to age, illness, injury or convalescence, may be homebound or living alone. Friendly calls made at pre-arranged times to offer a warm hello and ask how things are going to assure all is well, or provide the opportunity to lend a helping hand or initiate emergency assistance. If you or someone you know would like to receive a “Good Morning Call” or want to volunteer to be a caller, or both, please call the Mininstry office at 237-2304 or email to loafministry@yahoo.com for more information.

Worship Services are provided throughout the year on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. by the Sugarloaf Area Christian Ministry. During the ski season, Saturday afternoon Catholic masses at 4:30 p.m. are presented by Our Lady of the Lakes parish. Opportunities to volunteer as greeters, ushers or providing refreshments are always welcome.

Franklin Volunteer Network (FVN) is a collaborative of community members and volunteer managers who promote volunteerism within the Greater Franklin County region. Funding through the Volunteer Generation Fund grant helps sustain volunteer activities in several Franklin County communities. The United Way of the Tri-Valley Area (UWTVA) is the fiscal agent and meeting convener for the Franklin Volunteer Network.

Volunteers needed for Info Center

The Flagstaff Area business Association (FABA)  www.eustismaine.com  has an Info Center located across from Ayotte’s store on Route 27 in Carrabassett Valley.  FABA provides visitors with information about our beautiful area and all it has to offer including skiing, golfing, hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, ATV’s, walking and hiking activities.

Anyone interested in volunteering to man the Info Center a couple of hours on the weekends should please contact Richard Fotter at 207-246-4591.