“Medical Alert” scam

Medical alert scammers are making phone calls that do not start with a sales pitch but rather as a follow up call to a placed order.  They may start with saying “your order for the Medic Alert is now ready for shipping.  Press 1 now.  Since you were referred by a medical professional, you are eligible for……”

You can tell that this is a call from a telemarketer because they use a computer “dialer”.  The computer makes the call, then when the phone is answered the computer routes the call to the next available employee.  This creates a delay of a few seconds.  Instead of saying “hello” repeatedly, just hang up.

Medicare and Social Security do not call people: they write letters.  The same with contests and seepstakes, the IRS or Maine Revenue.  Legitimate callers will gladly contact you by mail.  Scammers use the phone because they give you less time to think.

Do not give money over the phone.  If the caller claims to be a relative, verify it.

Scammers take advantage of hearing loss, loneliness and pride.  If a call upsets or confuses you, ask for help.  If you don’t have family to ask, call your Area Agency on Aging ( 1-877-353-3771) or ask your local library or town office.  There is always someone who will help you figure out what action, if any, needs to be taken.