Good Morning Calls and Franklin County Elder Checks

The Sugarloaf Area Christian Ministry, in collaboration with the Carrabassett Valley Public Library “Valley Seniors” and other community partners, offers an outreach service to make daily contact with at-home residents who due to age, illness, injury or convalescence, may be homebound or living alone.

This community outreach service known as “Good Morning Calls” consists of daily telephone calls made by friendly volunteer callers to the home residents who have chosen to receive the calls. Times for the calls are pre-determined so not to disrupt daily routines. The volunteer callers will begin with a warm “hello” and ask; “how are you”, “how are things going” and “is everything well with you?” If unable to make telephone contact at the pre-determined “best times,” the volunteer caller will try again a short time later.

If still no contact is made by telephone, the volunteer caller will then seek to initiate contact with one of the persons, the home resident listed as Emergency Contact on the enrollment form, to determine if the home resident is safe but unavailable to answer the volunteer caller’sGood Morning Calls.” If unable to reach any of the Emergency Contact persons or determine that the home resident is safe, assistance may be sought from the Town Police Department to accompany a responsible person to the residence to make sure that all is well, or if necessary, seek an appropriate emergency response.

As important as it is to live independently, it is also nice to know that someone cares enough about you to call, chat and check with you daily to see how you are doing, and if urgent help may or may not be needed at your residence.

We encourage Carrabassett Valley area residents who choose to participate in this new outreach service to: a) receive daily calls as home residents: b) to make the daily calls as volunteer callers; c) or do both, to fill out the appropriate forms available below for download on this website, or printed paper forms available at the Bell Chapel at Sugarloaf and at the library. If you have any questions or seek further information please call the ministry office at 207-237-2304 or email Rev. Pam Morse ( or Gerry Baril ( or contact Joyce Demshar via email ( or at the Carrabassett Valley Public Library at 207-237-3535.

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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office – Elder Check Program offers 10-15 minute home visits by patrol deputies, conducting voluntary well-being checks on weekly visits. The services are available upon request to all communities in Franklin County without a local police department, to include New Sharon, Chesterville, Industry, Temple, New Vineyard, Strong, Phillips, Avon, Kingfield, Stratton and Eustis, along with the unorganized territories and townships. To sign up for the Elder Check Program, call  1-800-773-2680 or 207-778-2680.