Gifts for Seniors

Still looking for gifts for seniors? Stretch your imagination! Sometimes gifts for seniors are waiting at the grocery store, in the sewing aisle at your local home goods store, or even on-line.

gifts for seniors can include flowering bulbsFirst, check out your local garden center, grocery store or a place like Reny’s for bulbs. Amaryllis bulbs make great gift gifts for seniors when you plant them in a nice pot. Put three of a kind in a small window box for a fabulous display. They don’t take up much room, can survive a wide temperature variation (but not freezing), don’t need much watering, and grow slowly and reliably, giving weeks of pleasure. And the blooms last for several weeks. Or make a calendar garden. Start with narcissus in a clear pot with gravel for January. Get a hyacinth or two in little water jars for February. The amaryllis will bloom by March. Add a pot of daffodils kept in a cool location and your senior will have early spring flowers.

While pets can sometimes make great gifts for seniors, they require a financial commitment and care. If a cat, dog or bird is too much for your senior, consider Beta (Siamese fighting fish). They don’t require much care, live in a regular sized fish bowl (rather than an aquarium) and come in a striking array of colors. They do best in a fairly warm house. Make sure you include fish food.

Gifts for Seniors Can Include Services

Give a service. Gifts for seniors could include time with a loved one doing something special. Make up a little manicure kit with clear nail polish and other necessities, and supply a gift card for monthly manicures and a nice visit. Mark it on the calendar so you’ll both remember. Home made gift cards for snow shoveling, foot massages or specific household tasks are appreciated. Or supply an event: movie tickets, theater tickets, a trip to the Gray animal farm, or a lighthouse tour with lunch might be a great gift for someone who wants companionship and time with you. Or offer garden tilling with some seeds, or car washes with a new sponge.

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Reprinted with permission from Maine Senior Guide.